Backup Sump Pumps
Because flooding conditions can often occur with loss of electrical power, a backup sump pump is also used to continue the pumping operation to avoid flood damage. Back up pumps may be battery powered or municipal water pressure powered. Many pumps have lights or alarms that alert the homeowners when a problem occurs with the pump.

Choosing Sump Pumps
Cost and reliability are the main two considerations when choosing your sump pump system. They should be made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, bronze or epoxy-coated cast iron. Choose the correct capacity for your needs. Capacity is usually measured in gallons/hour or gallons/minute. The head pressure of the pump should be sufficient for lifting the water vertically for removal to the storm sewer, generally to a height of 10 feet.
Why should I have a battery back up for my sump pump
Basements should be dry and free from water and moisture at all times. Low lying homes that have experienced basement flooding need a sump pump. Even if flooding is minimal and limited to occasional heavy rain or a seasonal snow melt, a sump pump should be installed. A sump pump is designed to collect groundwater from the lowest point under the home and remove it through a pipe away from the home. Sump pumps are generally very efficient in accomplishing what they are intended to do. They are a strong sentry against unwanted water.

Unfortunately, sometimes when a sump pump is needed the most, they fail. These circumstances are can be tied to power outages due to storms, heavy winds or other energy supplier failures. Mechanical failure can also occur unnoticed at a time when the sump pump is not needed. When power loss is tied to storms, most likely rain and water is excessive and with a failed sump pump there is no defense against basement flooding. When the rain starts pouring into the basement, it’s already too late to reverse the water flow and reinitiate the sump pump operations without repair or replacements. To ensure the most effective sump pump operation, it should always include a battery backup at installation.

Houses are not only homes, but also investments. It’s critical to ensure that an investment is protected and that a home is safe for family and pets. Water in the basement should be avoided at all costs to protect your home and family. Even a small amount of water can cause a problem. The water that resides under the flooring or behind the wall during flooding gets trapped. It becomes a breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria. Carpeting, furniture or electronics that are in the path of flowing water can be damaged or ruined. Over time the walls and floor coverings will begin to wear down and buckle due to moisture. As the unhealthy mold grows unchecked, the telltale mildew odor will appear.

Investing in a sump pump that includes battery backup will provide the highest level of defense against basement flooding. It’s a sound plan to mitigate the risk of potential water damage to property and furnishings.